Mid-Century Modern Danish Walnut Wall Unit

This is a spectacular mid-century modern wall unit from the 1960s.  The wall unit is made from walnut veneer with a gorgeous honey-amber finish to the wood.  It is very narrow and tall with incredible storage opportunities for your home.  The top has a medium-sized cubby which is perfect for holding books, decorative objects and other household items.  The mid-section has a pull-down front complete with brass keyhole, working lock and original key.  Inside, the back of the lid is done in black laminate, and there is a wide cubby for storage.  I assume this originally functioned as a liquor cabinet.  There is a large cubby beneath the drop-down section which is perfect for larger items.  The bottom has two blind doors with woven rattan insets in the fronts.  Each has a sleek brass handle for an elegant finish.  Inside, there is one shelf and additional room for storage.  The piece has a finished walnut backing and a recessed walnut header across the bottom.  It measures 26” wide x 15.5” deep x 73” tall.  The liquor cabinet portion measures 24” wide x 15” deep x 15.5” tall.  The bottom cubby section is 24” wide x 15” deep.  The entire piece is in excellent condition.  This captivating mid-century modern walnut wall unit is a true showstopper of design, and its multi-functional layout is certain to accommodate every storage need for your home.

Price: SOLD